Friday, January 7, 2011

Nashville Conference Time!

Some years ago (I won't put a number to them, but you will see by the pictures included in this entry that I was quite young) I attended a conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the majority of my time was spent working, therefore leaving next to no time for sightseeing, I was able to spend quite a bit of time exploring the Opryland Hotel during conference breaks. That in itself made this trip far more fun than it would have been had we attended a conference in some boring old conference center!

I decided to write about this now because Steve and I plan to go to Nashville in a few months--he's never been--and as I have two previous Music City trips under my belt, I figured it would be a good idea to recap them before posting about a more recent one. Nashville really is a great city and I have to say, I'm excited to get back there and do some more "touristy" activities!

I think this was the time that we showed up at the conference and UPS or someone had lost our booth. Hence the fact that we have our brochures and giveaways but our backdrop is, well, boring. But I wanted to include this picture to give y'all a good laugh at how little I am ;o) (that's me, the blond girl sitting down on the left--want to guess my age?)

Anyway, during this trip we stayed at an Embassy Suites. It was so long ago now that I don't even remember where the hotel was, really--I just remember that it was in the middle of nowhere. I think there was a Mexican restaurant and a Wendy's nearby--that's it. We went to downtown Nashville two of the nights we were there and it was a 20-30 minute drive; likewise, the Opryland Hotel was a good 15-20 minutes away. At least. This was due to the fact that we decided to attend this conference fairly last minute and the Opryland was booked solid. Sad.

The first night we went into Nashville we ate at a not-so-memorable steakhouse that was in a sort of warehouse district. The other night we ventured out, we went to the Wild Horse Saloon. The food was decent--nothing special--but I loved that they taught line dances while we were there! The young me was a little more brave about stuff like this. I'm not sure if I would get up and learn a line dance nowadays, but I think it would still be fun to watch!

As I said before, though, the majority of this trip was spent at the Opryland hotel, and even though I worked--a lot--I did get long breaks every couple of hours. Once my co-worker Renee (the dark-haired girl in the pictures) and I had visited practically every booth at the conference (mainly to collect all the fun giveaways!) we spent our time exploring the hallways, shops and of course the atriums! One could literally spend an entire day wandering around this hotel and never get bored. If you ever have a chance to visit Nashville, I suggest doing just that--show up at the Opryland Hotel and literally get lost inside of it. You won't be disappointed!

On top of all that, the Opryland made one of the fastest cleanups after the May 2010 floods in Nashville and is boasting that it is better than ever. I know I can't wait to check it out again on my next trip out there!


  1. When are you headed back? We're going to a concert there mid-February and spending the weekend. I'm excited!

  2. we'll be there in April :) we are going to visit friends but we'll be attending a concert while we're there as well! I IS Nashville...haha