Sunday, December 19, 2010

Live from Las Vegas!

Greetings from Sin City!

I'm on day 2 of a great little group trip to Vegas, and other than being, well, somewhat hungover, things are great. Let me tell you, it pays to know people in this city and shout out to my friend Becky for putting me in contact with an old friend of hers who works at Rain at The Palms :)

I wanted to write a quick note because I have to admit that I made...well, I guess a rookie mistake. Last night. We piled into a cab at our hotel (The Mirage, of course!) and I clearly asked to be taken to The Palms. The cabbie mentioned that the Strip was really backed up, so I said to just take us whichever way would be least expensive. So he went out the back exit and took some roads and drove through some parking lots...I mean, I could see the casinos around us but I had no clue where he was going. We approached a big building from behind and we were all too busy talking to pay when the cabbie said that we'd arrived Jenna paid him and we piled out.

I immediately knew that something was wrong, and then I noticed that the doors had the word "Rio" printed on them! I turned to flag down the cabbie again--but no can do, he was gone!

I have no idea why he dropped us off at the Rio. I mean, Rio and Palms don't even sound alike! What I do know is that even a few blocks (but most especially Las Vegas blocks) walking in four inch heels does not do much for one's comfort :-/

Just goes to show you that even a five-time Vegas veteran makes mistakes!

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