Friday, December 10, 2010

Greenville's Tree Lighting

Last Saturday we put on our warm clothes and headed downtown for Greenville's Christmas tree lighting. The Greenville chorale was performing Christmas carols, and there was even a parade starting not long after the lighting! Unfortunately, we didn't check the weather. Oops. Because it was misting when we left the house, and it continued to do so (as well as be just awfully cold) the entire time we were downtown.

I mean, the idea sounded great: let's go downtown, grab a drink, listen to some Christmas music, watch a tree-lighting and parade. I even donned my hideous Santa Claus Christmas sweater for the occasion!

We stopped in Soby's first, as it was located just across from where the tree sits in front of the court house. We each had one drink, then we took a deep breath and dove back outside. I popped open my little umbrella and we positioned ourselves directly across Main Street from the tree.

And waited.

And waited.

Despite being told that the lighting was to be at 5, the chorale didn't even start until maybe 5:15. Even though the parade wasn't scheduled until six, I told Steve we would wait until 5:30 to hopefully see the tree get lit, bu then we could go home.

It's official, by the way: our blood has thinned. I doubt it was much colder than 40 degrees that evening and we couldn't even stand that. Sure, the rain didn't help, but we were raised on Connecticut winters! Go figure.

I have to admit, I was counting down the minutes to 5:30, and when it hit I heaved a sigh and gave in to the awful weather. Of course, as we were walking away, someone started speaking. We couldn't hear much of what was said, but we decided to stick it out for just a few more minutes...and after some blah blah blahs and some hoopla about sponsors, there was a 10 second countdown (likely unnecessary) and BAM! the tree was lit (finally). I took a couple quick pictures and then we rushed back to the car, and then home for some hot spiced wine and snacks.

Had the weather been nice[r], yes, I would have forced Steve to stay for the parade ;o) But despite wanting to experience all Greenville has to offer, I just didn't think catching an awful cold from the wet chilly air would be worth it. Maybe next year!

On that note, I do have one small "complaint"--they had an unnecessary number of generators running right in front of the courthouse. Four of them, to be exact. And they were huge. I know they were to keep the spotlights on, but come on. We could barely even hear the chorale's performance, these things were so loud! (And we tried moving a couple times--but it was either be too far away and not be able to hear the singing, or be close and not be able to hear it over the damn generators. Go figure.) Beyond that, the spotlights took away from the ambiance of the tree lighting. You've heard it here, city of Greenville--next year, go green with the tree lighting and I guarantee it will be a much better experience for us viewers!

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