Monday, December 6, 2010

An Epic Thanksgiving Weekend: Game Day Saturday

Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend was Melissa's and Adrian's last day in Greenville. They left late that afternoon to go back to Jacksonville, but not before we took them downtown one last time for some shopping, food, and general meanderings :o)

We began the day at the Mast General Store, a great place for South Carolina merchandise and all those things you never knew you needed. We then wandered up and down Main Street and showed Adrian the site of our wedding ceremony (as he missed it due to being deployed at the time). He even braved rolling down the hill at Falls Park after seeing a bunch of kiddos doing it!

Finally, we grabbed a late lunch at Barley's Tap Room. Steve and I had been to Barley's before, but for drinks only--and as Adrian was craving pizza and I'd heard good things about Barley's pizzas, we figured it was the perfect place to stop. Ahhh, if only. After trying both the Caribbean Jerk Chicken pizza and the Greek pizza, it appears that mine and Steve's search for the good stuff remains unfinished (don't get me wrong, we love Mellow Mushroom, but I'm talking plain ol' tasty cheese pizza, not crazy specialty pizzas). The menu and prices at Barley's were really no better than those at Mellow Mushroom, and the pizza itself was nowhere near as tasty.

I did, however, have a "Sunny Day" beer sampler. $12 for six 6-oz glasses of quality beer? Yes please! And the only one that I didn't care for (and therefore passed on to Steve, who liked it just fine) was the Victory Braumeister Harvest Plus. tasted like grass. Yuck.

We parted ways after "lunch" and Steve and I went home to get ready for the big Clemson vs. USC game! This included making some awful-for-you Buffalo Chicken Dip (as seen in this entry) and breaking out the beer. We were going to try having a big tailgating party, but it being Thanksgiving weekend many people were busy or out of we just hung out with our friends Nick and Annie and enjoyed a rousing defeat of Clemson by the Gamecocks (yay!) while munching on greasy dip and tipping back some seasonal brews. It was actually a somewhat early night for us, but as our crazy Thanksgiving weekend was coming to a close it was just what we needed :o)

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