Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Funday: Soby's & Bailey's

The Urban Dictionary defines Sunday Funday as "By celebrating the "Sunday Funday" you can extend your weekend festivities just a little longer before hanging up your party pants. This day typically starts out with mimosas or bloody marys aka hair of the dog. It then typically continues through out the day until you find yourself wasted by about 6:30ish. Since the "Funday" ends early enough, you can rest assured that you will go to bed aka pass out early enough to be perfectly refreshed for work on monday morning."

Let me be very clear about one thing: it is very rare that Steve and I participate in Sunday Funday festivities. Because we're old and junk, and drinking on a Sunday while on vacation or having Monday off due to holiday doesn't count.

That said, yesterday was one of those few-and-far-betweens for us. I had tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert at Furman University, and we had a gift certificate for Soby's downtown that was begging to be used. Brunch and mimosas? Yes please, and it was all delicious :)

We returned home and followed brunch with more mimosas, a couple episodes of X Files, and a brisk walk with the dogs before leaving for the concert. And trust me on this, we hadn't had enough mimosas to be by any means drunk--but yes, I was looking forward to having a beer or two while listening to some great newfangled country music! can do. Furman was, for a very long time, a dry campus. Supposedly as of more recent times, it is a wet campus...but apparently the concessions at Timmons haven't caught on, because there was no beer in sight. And although Steve and I certainly don't have to get drunk to enjoy a concert (most times I've gone completely dry at the concerts I've attended; since we've been together the highest number of beers either one of us has had at a show is three)...yes, I was severely disappointed that I didn't have a cold one to sip while listening to Lady A.

That said, we arrived for the last two or three songs by the opening act--a kid named David Nail, never heard of him but he wasn't half bad--and stayed through just over an hour of Lady A's set. The only song I missed that I wanted to hear was "Need You Now", but no big deal--I could tell that by quarter to ten, Steve was getting a bit antsy. Plus, having skipped any sort of dinner, I was hungry and so it was that we ended up at Bailey's on Laurens Road, just around the corner from our house!

We had stopped into Bailey's for beers once before, but it was late at night and pretty dead at the was a whole different world last night, thanks to the Pats vs. Steelers game! We ordered some brews (from a surprisingly decent selection) and an appetizer sampler (which was surprisingly delicious) while we watched the end of the second quarter and the entire third quarter of the game. By 10:45 we were ready to go, but our waitress had taken to spending her evening flirting with the Most Eligible Bachelors in the room (neither of whom I would have given a second glance even in my most pudgy and unattractive days, but I digress) and it took us forever to flag her down. I was none too pleased with this, as all I wanted was home and bed...this situation and the scarcity of beer at the concert added up to the somewhat disappointing end of our Sunday Funday. I tried to stay up to finish the game, but once my head hit that pillow and Steve climbed into bed next to me just before midnight, we were out.

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