Monday, November 29, 2010

An Epic Thanksgiving Weekend: Black[out] Wednesday

Last Wednesday, we received the news we had been waiting for--our friends Adrian and Melissa were coming for Thanksgiving! They had been planning on doing so for weeks, but thanks to some confusion regarding his job we weren't sure until then that it would definitely happen. Needless to say, we were excited--since we moved to Greenville, our house guests have been few and far between...and Adrian had never been here at all.

This meant that of course we went out for "Black Wednesday", and we did a nice little tour of some downtown bars. Our first stop was Wild Wing Cafe, to check out the 80s cover band that was playing. The music was great, there were a few drink specials, and Adrian even got up on stage and danced! Still, after an hour and a half or so we were ready for other options and Melissa suggested City Tavern, which had been one of our stops during my bachelorette party. At this point our friends Nick and Annie had come 'round as well, and we all paraded over to City Tavern for more drinks and live music.

Unfortunately, the "live music" there was just a guy on a guitar and he wasn't playing anything of note. We had one drink each, Nick and Annie called it a night, and Steve, myself, Adrian and Melissa decided to try one more place--a bar that is named "The Gathering Spot" but called "The G-Spot".

Yeah. I know.

I'm still not sure how I feel about their, err, "head dresses"
Anyway, I've only ever been to the G-Spot when they've had a DJ, so I was a bit unsure of the fact that tonight they had--you guessed it--live music! ;o) The band was...well, they weren't anything special, but they weren't awful, and after downing some red-headed sluts and ordering some beers we made the best of it. We ended up staying almost until closing time, but despite getting home sometime around 2 AM we didn't go to bed until a few hours later. After all, first there were the much-needed drunk munchies (Steve makes some amazing late-night snacks that at times include eggs in a window or omelets, but this night turned out to be scrambled eggs mixed with a variety of cheeses and spices as well as capers) and then there was the usual catching up with people we only see every few months at best.

All I know is that when we collapsed into bed I thought, "damn, I'm only getting five hours of sleep tonight."

To be continued...

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