Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: [Affordable] Downtown Greenville Restaurants

Although Steve and I rarely eat out (seriously, once a month? twice if we're lucky)--and when we do, we do our best to try new places as much as possible--there are a few downtown Greenville restaurants that truly are staples to us. When people come to visit, these are the places we tout as much for their reasonable prices as their delicious food (and in two of the three cases, delicious drinks as well!). Sure, we love Mellow Mushroom and Wild Wings, but they belong to chains. And Cazbah is great as well, but their beer list leaves a lot to be desired. American Grocery? Absolutely amazing, but unfortunately it's a wallet-abuser. Therefore, our downtown Greenville favorites are as follows:

Grille 33 @ the Channel. Pictured is their cheddar stuffed cheeseburger...on a glazed donut. This is probably one of the messiest and most unhealthy things I've ever eaten--but it was beyond delicious. In general, they have a great menu--a wide variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches, as well as fish and chips, baked potatoes, etc. Prices are very reasonable and the employees are helpful and friendly. This place is just great for a quick drop-in meal!

Blue Ridge Brewing Company! I apologize for the low quality of the picture, but hey, at least it's of the last time we ate there ;o) This was actually taken the morning after our wedding--we met some of our out-of-town guests for a post wedding brunch, and Blue Ridge was our top choice. The brunch was as good as any lunch or dinner we've had there--and trust me, those have always been delicious. Not to mention the awesome beers BRBC offers, all brewed on premises! They even have a pretty lengthy shooter list, but beware--some of the shooter names aren't for the faint of heart (or for anyone not old enough to go see an R-rated movie in the theater).

Last but not least, the place that is our most favorite downtown Greenville haunt...Smoke on the Water! This is another place where I've never had a bad meal, they have a handful of sauces made on site that are all delicious, the prices are right and the martini list (particularly the Angel's Breath and the Milky Way) is to die for. Even better? Incredible happy hour specials...i.e. half off those awesome martinis! (Seriously, how can a $3.50 martini not make you happy?)

Of course, this list in no way shape or form covers the scope of awesome restaurants that exist in downtown Greenville...but for some inexpensive not-chain-restaurant burgers, an awesome pub-style menu, or some good ol' Southern cookin'...with Grille 33, BRBC, and Smoke on the Water, you just can't go wrong!

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