Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hotel Review: Kyriad Port d'Ivry Paris

I stayed at this hotel as part of my Contiki tour, and at first I was okay with it--the rooms are VERY small, but clean, and it's fairly convenient to the city center--the metro stop is about a 10 minute walk away, and a cab only costs 15-20 euro. The major downside of this hotel is the staff. Upon arrival, my sister and I discovered that we had only one towel in our room; I made my way down to the front desk to ask for a second towel. The gentleman at the desk made me wait while he called the night manager, who then played twenty questions with me ("what room are you in?" "are you sure there is only one towel?" "how many people are in your room?") before finally rolling her eyes and stomping off to get me said towel.

Also, on our final morning my sister was running a bit late and asked me to bring up a croissant and a glass of water for her from the breakfast buffet. I stopped at the front desk to make sure that it was okay that I bring her ONE croissant and a glass of water, and the girl at the front desk said that was fine. However, when I made my way up to the room with said croissant and glass of water, the morning manager stopped me and started haranguing me in French. I caught that I was not allowed to bring food to the room, so I explained that I had asked the girl at the front desk and she had said it was okay. The manager then stomped over at the front desk and began yelling at the girl, who promptly turned to me and said "I didn't say you could bring a croissant".

Therefore, what would have been a completely acceptable stay was ruined by the ridiculous attitude of the staff, and I will not be staying at or recommending this hotel to anyone.

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