Monday, October 18, 2010

Hotel Review: Kyriad Nice Port

I was in Europe for 13 days and stayed in 6 different hotels, and this hotel had the smallest room by far! Thankfully my sister and I only had one suitcase a piece; I'm not sure anything more would have fit, because as it was we could barely move. The shower was also impossibly small and the water smelled terribly of sulfur. The breakfast selection was basically croissants or cold cereal, and whereas I know that in Europe they don't eat big breakfasts, this was one of the worst selections of all the hotels our group stayed in. Still, it was nice being fairly close to the beach and the bars and what not (20-25 minute walks), the room was clean, and the staff was much more polite and helpful than that of the other Kyriad hotel I stayed at during my trip (in Paris).

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