Friday, September 24, 2010

Hotel Review: Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Airport

I stayed at this hotel with my Contiki tour group and was fairly impressed with it. The rooms were a decent size for a European hotel, and our room was very clean; also, we arrived at 9 AM and they were nice enough to check us in and put us in our room right away, even though check in wasn't until 2 PM! However, this hotel is not convenient to the city center--your choices are to either take a cab for around 40 euro one way, or take the free hotel shuttle to the airport and then take the train into the city for around 7 euro roundtrip. If you're only going to be in Amsterdam for a few nights, as we were, you might as well spend the extra money to stay closer to the city/in the city.

We also had breakfasts included during our stay here, and the breakfast buffet was pretty impressive for Europe, which was nice. We ate at the "diner" and the food was passable at best, so avoid if you can. We had an included buffet dinner that was average (as included hotel dinners go). So other than breakfast, I suggest going into the city for food!


  1. Sounds like you had a way better experience at this hotel than I did! I also stayed here on the Contiki Amsterdam-Barcelona tour. I arrived at around 10 AM, intending to drop my bags and then go into the city with a couple other Contiki people. We were told that there were no rooms available, there was NO place for us to keep our bags, and that we could not even leave our bags in a dirty room. There was a sign for lockers for luggage, but apparently these lockers have since been removed! They told us the only solution was to either sit around and wait with our luggage until a room was available - 3 PM or later - or go back to the airport or train station and leave our bags there. I thought that this was totally unacceptable. The fact that this large hotel does not have a room to leave luggage for short periods of time just makes NO sense! AND, I found out later that they had told someone else from the Contiki group that they could hold her bags - she happened to arrive a bit earlier - talk about a double standard. Fortunately one of the Contiki people I was meeting with had stayed there the night before and he let me and my friend put our bags in his room. Then we were able to go into the city for awhile, but not too long because we had to be back to get our bags out of his room (he was switching to a shared room for the next night) and get our hotel rooms. It pretty much put a wrench in my entire first day in Amsterdam - I had to spend a few hours just sitting around a lame airport hotel. Sure, the hotel itself was nice, the rooms were modern and clean, the breakfast was good (but the dinner the first night sucked), but the whole check-in procedure and the fact that the hotel is SO far away from the city center - a 40 euro cab ride!!! (or, take a hotel shuttle to the airport for the nearest public transit!) - definitely made it one of my least favorite hotels of the tour!

  2. You should absolutely complain about this hotel to Contiki. I can't believe that an AIRPORT hotel didn't have a place to store your luggage! Not only was that probably a blatant lie, but it's unacceptable anyway. Sorry your experience wasn't as good as mine! I do agree about the distance from the city center. I would have rather stayed in an older/not as nice hotel closer to the city.