Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer in Chamonix

Showing off the Aiguille de Midi sign--we did go to the top, after all!

Chamonix, France is a beautiful little ski town in the French Alps. And in a [slightly] unfortunate coincidence, this ski bunny found herself there in the middle of the summer! Of course, we had only one night there on our Contiki tour--but it was one hell of a night ;)

When we arrived in Chamonix we had just enough time to bring our bags up to our rooms before the Aiguille de Midi cable car excursion...which was unfortunately a waste of money because (a) it was so cloudy/foggy at the top of the mountain that we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of our faces, and (b) I, who have been to the tops of mountains in the Rockies, got extremely lightheaded. We were only up there for ten minutes or so before most of us decided to go back down.

Gorgeous view from our hotel room in Chamonix
The hotel in Chamonix was the second nicest hotel we stayed in our entire trip. My sister and I hit the Contiki hotel room jackpot--a room with not only a balcony, but a view of the glacier as well!

It was fairly large for a European hotel room, and we even had a third bed in our room, which was interesting (if not useful). There was also a heated towel rack in the bathroom--can't complain about that! The included dinner that night was probably the best included dinner of the trip, and after dinner (and a couple drinks at the hotel bar), our tour group headed to a bar down the street, where we played drinking games and generally just had fun, until finally ending up in the bar across the street from the first bar. There was a good live band playing and we drank the rest of the night away.

The town of Chamonix was a beautiful place. I can only imagine how fun it is in the height of ski season, and I certainly wouldn't mind going back!

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