Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotel Review: Suburban Extended Stay of Charlotte

When I stayed at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel of Charlotte, I chose it for the following reasons--it was the least expensive hotel, within ten miles of Lowe's Motor Speedway, that still had rooms available over Memorial Day Weekend. We were going to Charlotte for the NASCAR race and only staying one night, which I am more than thankful for now, as this hotel was overpriced and awful.

When we checked in, the front desk staff was friendly and the lobby and bathroom were clean. The outside of the hotel also looked very nice. We had to check in early (11:15 AM) and get over to the track, so they were nice enough to give us our keys even though our room wasn't ready. We were okay with that, but now I wish we had gotten a look at the room before leaving for the day!

By the time we got back to the hotel that night, we were tired and sweaty from a long day at the racetrack. It was warm out, but the room was so freezing we had to turn the heat on. It took us forever to figure out that for some reason, the bathroom light was wired to a switch by the door to the hallway, not to the switch in the bathroom itself, which was frustrating. Also, we were given a handicapped room. In my experience, if you are not handicapped, hotels will clarify that it is okay that they are giving you a handicapped room, but this was not the case at this hotel. We were too tired to deal with it, so we went right to bed, and the bed itself was awful. The floor would have been more comfortable, there were only two flat pillows in the entire room, and the "comforter" felt disgusting and grimy.

Memorial Day weekend or not, kitchenette or not, there is no way this hotel is worth $108/night. If I had booked a stay of more than one night or spent more than nine hours in the room, I would have complained.

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