Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hotel Review: Sheraton Columbia

I stayed in this hotel for a wedding a few years ago. We got the wedding group rate, but it was no bargain at $159/night--I feel bad for anyone who pays the full price. On top of that, I was left wondering if we were shoved off in the far end of the hotel because we paid less than everyone else. The ballroom was beautiful and the wedding reception was lovely, but our room was in an area of the hotel that was being renovated, so the area of the hotel that we stayed in was dirty and cold. Our friends who had the room next to us had problems with their sink water; thankfully we did not and after our friends decided to try some begging and pleading in the middle of the night on our last night, the front desk staff grudgingly agreed to move them and refund them one night's stay.

Although I would assume the renovations are long finished, the fact that the hotel stuck us in such an area doesn't say much for their customer service--especially when they obviously had rooms in the main tower where they could move complaining guests (but only after numerous complaints, mind you). Beyond the issues with the room, the bartenders in the hotel bar were extremely rude. When it comes down to it, I would not suggest this hotel to anyone for the simple reason that it is ridiculously overpriced for the level of service and general quality of stay that you get.

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