Monday, June 14, 2010

Our First Prom (with...Hawk & Tom?)

Eleven years ago this month, Steve and I were at the same prom; of course, we weren't there together.

Prom '99 for Ellington High School was, in general, a disaster. A party boat cruise on the Connecticut River probably sounded like one hell of a great idea at its inception, but picture this: a couple hundred teenagers wearing long dresses and tuxes. It's June in Connecticut, which means it's fairly warm (probably in the 80s) and humid. Now, take those teenagers and place them on a crappy old boat with a dance floor the size of a cubicle and understand that they have nowhere else to go. They got on that boat; they are stuck there for hours. And sometime during the evening, the mosquitoes start to swarm.

Does that sound like fun to you?

I thought not.

On top of all that, Steve and I had our own [very good] reasons why Prom '99 sucked. I still count it as one of the worst nights of my life, and although his night wasn't quite as bad, he has plenty of his own complaints--and that's all I will say on the matter. Because this entry isn't really about Prom '99--it's about our first prom, which occurred this past weekend. Eleven years after Steve's high school graduation, and ten years after my own.

The local top 40 radio station, B-93.7, has a morning show called Hawk & Tom. Every year, Hawk & Tom host the "Hawk & Tom Prom". From what I recall, it's always had a theme, but this is the first year I was actually able to go. Fittingly enough, the theme this year was Mardi Gras--perfect for us thanks to our recent Mardi Gras-season trip to New Orleans. And as always, I love a good theme party, so it was neat to attend a themed prom--something I thought only happened in the movies.

Even better was the fact that my youngest sister Jenny and her friend Heather were able to come with us. It was a last-minute surprise, and considering Jenny's penchant for bringing along her dinosaur hand puppet Krohn, some interesting adventures ensued ;o)

We were also pleasantly surprised at the music that was played. Normally I can't listen to B-93 constantly; they tend to [like all top 40 stations] overplay really bad songs a la "Down" by Jay Sean or anything by that awful band 3OH!3. Thankfully, however, Prom apparently calls for a different kind of entertainment. Sure, there was some current top 40 music in there, but in general most of what was played took us back to those middle school and high school dances that we all loved so much. Seriously, one can never have enough "Jump" by Kris Kross, or enough of any song that would have been on an MTV Jock Jams CD.

Also, there was a photo booth. And it was free. 'Nough said.

The only real complaint we had was the drinks. They forced you to use a ticket system: 22 tickets for $20 (if you bought less than that, they were $1 each), 6 tickets for a "cocktail" (read: one shot of liquor mixed with some soda in a tiny plastic cup). Do the math--that's about $5.50 for a drink. Doesn't sound like much, but...drinking at a bar downtown, that will almost always get you a bigger, stronger drink. Therefore, lesson learned: next year we will pre-game more, arrive a little later, and avoid that ticket system like the plague.

Of course, this was all probably a small price to pay for being able to drink at Prom ;o)

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