Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Favorite Vacations/Trips

Recently, someone asked me what my favorite trip was...ever.

My answer? "There's no way I can choose just one!"

I was, however, able to narrow it down to three. I will certainly, eventually, write long drawn-out descriptions of these trips, of why they were my favorites, etc. But for now, I'll say this--for me, what makes a trip one of the best is a combination of things.
  • The place
  • The overall experience
  • And above all, the people I travel with or meet along the way.

So without further ado--my three best trips ever are ::drumroll please::

3) July 2007 Contiki tour, "Amsterdam to Barcelona". I wanted to take my sister to Europe for the first time and have a blast doing it...needless to say...mission accomplished. Here is my quick review of Contiki tours in general.
Me, Natalie, Christy and Gordana enjoying Nice
2) February 2010 trip to New Orleans for Christy's birthday--"The Perfect Storm of Parties". We were there during Mardi Gras season and by chance had scheduled our trip for Superbowl weekend. If you don't know the rest...then you're just missing out ;o)
Christy and I with some NOLA locals, all dressed up for the Superbowl

1) September 2009, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Birthday Extravaganza" in Las Vegas. We took my baby sister to Vegas for her 21st...what more is there to say?
First Vegas toast to Jenny's 21st birthday!
I've had some amazing trips, but these three stood out from the rest for so many on the lookout for these stories, coming soon to a blog near you ;o)

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