Friday, April 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Greenville Drive Opening Day, 2010

Is ironic the term for two Red Sox fans who happened to move to a city where one of the Red Sox farm teams, the Greenville Drive, is based?

In past years, my company has had season tickets to the Drive, and I have enjoyed many a game. Some Northerners who have tagged along have complained that Fluor Field, which is a mini replica of Fenway, isn't Fenway...well, duh. But you take what you can get, and I am more than happy to sit mere feet from the field for less than $10, pay $5 for a huge Yuengling, and enjoy watching the Drive [hopefully] kick some butt. Maybe we're not as die hard Red Sox fans as we could or should be, because I'll take Greenville and its low cost of living/warm weather/nice people/Fluor Field five minutes from my house over New England and its high cost of living/awful weather/rude people/Fenway any day.

That said, with the current economic crunch, my company couldn't justify the season tickets again this year. But that's okay, because the Drive offers a handful of different, less expensive packages--one of which is the weekend package, which gets you tickets to twelve weekend games and five weekday games for a slightly discounted rate per game. This is the package we chose, and although it put a bit of a hurt on our bank accounts, we know it will be worth it!

Now, because we bought our season tickets so late (paid for them the day before opening day), we had to take different seats for opening game last night. Whatever, no biggie. So we were just chatting and watching the game and enjoying ourselves when one of the guys behind us started talking--kind of loudly--and we immediately recognized his voice! He's a radio personality who goes by the handle "Nine" and is one of four members of Steve's favorite morning radio show here in Greenville, The Rise Guys on 93.3 FM! (I listen on occasion, as well, but have less patience than Steve for the fact that at least 60% of the music on this station is douchemetal of the "Click Click Boom" and Five Finger Death Punch persuasion)

We kept our cool and waited for some other jerk to call out Nine and the other two morning show members sitting with him, Paige and Mattman. Once those obnoxious people left them alone, we introduced ourselves and even had a conversation with them. They were really nice, and Steve was super excited to meet a few local celebrities.

Our great night was topped off when Greenville won the game. We had a celebratory post-game drink (just one!) at Liberty Tap Room and unfortunately still stayed out a bit too late for our working-class selves. But all in all, it was a great night, a great opening game, and great to hear from Steve (yet again) how much he loves this city :)

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