Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ohhh, validation.

The following is a case and point on checking a hotel's reviews before staying there.

Yes, I know that sounds obvious, but even I fail to do it sometimes--in this case, because we were simply going out of town for a concert and only staying one night.

And that is how we ended up at the Fairfield Inn in Suwanee, Georgia, for the first and last time.

As I said, we only stayed here for one night, which is probably the only reason I can give this hotel an average review (rather than a completely negative one). The bed had the usual comfy sheets and pillows Marriott has recently become known for, but the mattress was hard as a rock. I was pleased that there was a fan in the bathroom (the last two Marriotts I stayed in did not have bathroom fans, which I found a bit annoying), but the light in the shower/toilet room was far too dim. The staff was very friendly, but after we returned from a concert and were chatting in our room as we got ready for bed our phone rang--someone was complaining about us being loud! I can only assume that the walls are about as thick as a dime, considering we didn't have the TV or radio on and weren't yelling or anything.

We were woken up three times the next morning by the same car alarm going off in the parking lot. I know there isn't much that the hotel employees could do about this, but it was frustrating all the same, and that coupled with the hard-as-a-rock bed didn't make for the best night's sleep.

Also, other than the Applebee's next door, be prepared to drive a few miles for any decent food, and don't expect anything in Suwanee to be open before mid-afternoon on a Sunday--we learned that the hard way. As we only stayed here to go to a concert at the nearby Gwinnett Center, we should have just stayed in the Holiday Inn next to the Center.

Following the posting of my review, I decided to read back a couple pages on TripAdvisor--only to see that numerous other people had already complained about the thin walls. If I had seen these reviews before booking our stay, I would have likely booked somewhere else, such as the aforementioned Holiday Inn. After all, one does go a bit deaf after a loud rock concert...if other people were getting chided for merely talking in their room, I would have known that we would be pretty much screwed. The price seemed right...but in the end, it just wasn't worth it.

Alas, we did not do our research and had a less-than-average stay at this hotel. I'll consider this a lesson learned.

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  1. Haha, I'm so relieved to hear this. I check TripAdvisor obsessively before booking a hotel, even if I'm going the cheap-o route of bidding on Priceline (I check all of the available hotels in the area in that case). Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time, but so far I've been satisfied when I made the effort to check reviews, even if it's an inexpensive hotel or a one-night stay.