Monday, April 19, 2010

A Neat Tool/Travel Goals

Many years ago, I decided that one of my goals would be to visit every single U.S. state. Considering I'm only 27, I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Check out my Visited States Map:

Visited States

Visited US States Map from TravelBlog

I decided to post this today because I just returned from adding another state to my map--Illinois. I am both lucky (and unlucky, in a way) enough to have friends scattered all over the country, and this past weekend got to visit Chicago and the surrounding areas and be shown around by someone who was born and raised there.

I also wanted to mention that, sometime after deciding that I wanted to visit every US state, I made a goal to see at least one a year. Unfortunately, with the love I have for certain places (like Las Vegas, Maine, and Florida), last year was the first year in a while that I didn't reach that specific goal. No matter, though--it's only mid-April of 2010 and I have already added three new states to my list, as we drove through Mississippi on our way to New Orleans, Louisiana in February and, as previously mentioned, just returned from Chicago, Illinois.

Obviously I have some pretty lofty travel goals, and I understand that not everyone out there feels the need to visit, say, Oklahoma. Or North Dakota. Hell, I may not ever reach my 50-state goal. But having the desire has certainly inspired me to try!

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