Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maybe I have too many blogs.

I am a 27-year-old Finance Manager whose past work history and passion involve traveling. Lots and lots of traveling. I have also lived in five different states, including but not limited to off-and-on stints living in Orlando, Florida and working at Disney. When I finally let go of a career with Disney--for my own personal reasons--I tried my hand at being a travel agent. Unfortunately, being a travel agent in today's internet-based travel industry does not a fun or good career make, and that's how I ended up in a [surprisingly] much less stressful job, making far more money, and doing anything involving traveling for fun only.

At the moment, I already have two blogs that I use on a regular basis--my personal blog, which is mainly friends-only--and a blog dealing with the recent re-relocation of my boyfriend and I from Connecticut to South Carolina. In the past, I had a travel blog, but it had few followers and I wrote in it very sporadically.

Therefore, this will be my attempt to actually keep a true-blue travel blog. Thankfully, I have plenty of TripAdvisor reviews and blogs regarding my travels of the past few years to write dozens of entries even before my next vacation (which is thankfully just over a month away). Currently, most of my reviews are of hotels, but I plan on writing some of restaurants as well. And maybe, just maybe, this reviewing and travel blogging will become more than just something I do for fun ;o)

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